Lawson's Original Yucatan Excursions is always looking for ways to give something to the community, whether it's having local families participate in our tours and excursions by providing a meal, or hiring locals to show us around their community or area. We feel it should be a win-win-win: for our guests, for the people we come across and the company.

Every so often, we come across a worthwhile project that is actually doing some good for those people here who need it the most. In this case, Mandi and Allie, two young women running Ko'ox Boon, a non-profit helping kids in one of the poorer areas of rural Yucatan: Yaxhachen. This is an area that is very under-developed, where lack of infrastructure and indifference lead to all the problems that are associated with this kind of situation from youth gangs to teenage pregnancy to alcoholism and more. I could go on about what a difference it make to have this project way out here but why not have a read yourself on their website here.

For the Ko'ox Boon Summer Camp project, if our guests donate $25 USD to the Send a Kid to Camp project, Lawson's will match that $25 USD donation, which sends TWO kids to camp, in all our tours from April 15 through June 15, 2016. While we can make only one $25 USD donation per tour (we're not the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation just yet), there is no limit on the number of kids YOU can send to camp this summer and make a BIG difference in their lives!

Send us an email if you are interested!

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